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Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Life Update: The Job Situation

Hey guys, long time no speak. I know that it's been a while since my last post so I figured we could have a little catch and that I could update you on some of the things that have been going on during my blogging absence.

My number one goal for this year was to get myself a shiny new job, one that was preferably full time. Although I haven't managed to seal the deal - yet - I have managed to nab myself a few interviews.

The first was for a Visual Merchandising job which I fluffed. I'm not very good at interviews generally, and this being my first interview in a long while I let nerves get the better of me and there was a lot of "erms" and getting tongue tied. I also forgot to wear a watch and I had to choose clothes for and dress a mannequin within a certain amount of time (I think it was half an hour) and, despite my best efforts to blag that the mannequin was dressed as I intended, I'm pretty certain the manager probably saw straight through me when she saw the belt that just happened to be in my basket of goodies. Lesson most definitely learnt. Take no chances, wear a watch.

The second company I interviewed for actually interviewed me THREE TIMES. I had an initial phone interview during which I had my usual stammering and general nervousness, so I was surprised when they called me back for a face to face interview the following week. I met up with two of their staff, an area manager and a HR person if I recall correctly, in a cafe and it went so, SO well I have literally never been filled with so much confidence after an interview in my life and I probably never will be again.

So they called me back again for another face to face interview, this time with HR lady and the manager of the brand new store they were opening. I thought that this went well, everybody involved was super lovely and I could definitely picture myself working alongside the manager. I was informed that I would be contacted the following week so they could let me know whether I was successful or not.

That was just a smidgen over two weeks ago now.

Now, they could still be mulling over who to hire, but considering they were eager to train people up "ASAP" I feel like that they probably just haven't been in touch with the interviewees that they didn't give jobs too, which is quite frustrating when you've put the effort into three interviews, two of which took place roughly 10 miles away from my house. You never know - like I say, they may just be late with their decision...

Anywho, I have an interview lined up for tomorrow. This one is the closest to home out of the three opportunities I've had so far which is nice so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for it. Third time's the charm!

Stacey Rose xx

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