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Tuesday, 10 April 2018

What Is Happening To Blogging?

If you're a fan of blogging, it's likely that you'll have seen a lot of these opinion posts floating around the blogosphere lately. It's the question on everyone's lips right now - "Is blogging dying?"

Although I obviously run a blog myself, I feel a little bit like I'm writing this from the outside looking in because I have such a small following. I am by no means an expert on blogging, I'm just weighing in on a subject that's currently a hot topic of discussion.

I'll be honest, I only really started reading blogs around about the same time that I started mine at the beginning of 2017. Until then I had absolutely no idea about the sheer amount of blogs that there are on the internet. Of course I knew of the sites that were associated with people I follow on YouTube, such as Helen Anderson and Zoe London, but as I delved deeper and deeper into the world of blogging it felt like the world and it's mother had their own space on the internet. 

In my opinion, the market is becoming somewhat over-saturated, particularly where makeup/beauty/lifestyle blogs are concerned, and you have to have something particularly interesting about you and the way you present your posts to gain and keep genuine fans. It's similar to what happens in music - a particular act will become popular because they have a certain niche and all of a sudden record labels everywhere are trying to create their own version of that musician. I always use Avril Lavigne as an example - when Avril debuted around 2003, she was dubbed the "anti-Britney" because Avril's punk-inspired pop was so different to the bubblegum pop that was still popular at the time, and it was this difference that made her so popular. Within 18 months, teenage female singer-songwriters were popping up everywhere. Amy Studt, Fefe Dobson and Skye Sweetnam are just a few examples of girls whose brand was "I'm just being myself", but they didn't have the success that Avril did because by the time their albums dropped we'd already seen and heard something similar. It's the same thing with blogging - why am I going to follow you when I already follow somebody else who talks about the same things? What makes you different? 

On the other hand, when it comes to fashion and beauty micro-blogging seems to be taking over. Instagram stories have become a hugely popular method of communicating with followers. They're quick and easy to catch up on in a world where everyone feels like they're in a rush. This feature is becoming more and more popular with creators and I can totally see why. It's a quick snippet of your day and you can give an abridged version of a blog post if you're talking about a particular product. If you want to you can still curate a series of stories which might take a bit longer, but it still doesn't take the time or the energy required to create a blog post. 

Lastly, I have seen so many creators talk about lack of inspiration lately, to the point where I can't help but wonder whether it is a coincidence or whether there is a bigger underlying reason why a lot of us are feeling this way that we're not noticing. Is it purely because numbers are down? Has the long loooooong winter got to everyone? 

Do I think blogging is dying? No. It might become more unpopular over time but I think that there'll always be some type of audience for it. You might not get paid quite as well in years to come and the PR packages might dwindle but I think if you're blogging for all the right reasons then you'll be fine.

Despite me running this blog, I'm no expert in the subject and as it stands this is just a hobby to me. It's very possible that I've been speaking absolute rubbish but these are my thoughts on the matter and I'm interested to see what you guys think too.

Stacey Rose xx

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