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Monday, 5 March 2018

February Favourites 2018

Is it just me or did everyone get sick last month? The reason that this post is up so late is because the cold (flu?) I had last week really did a number on me and any and all motivation I had went straight out the window, which was a shame seeing as it was also my week off. Still, the snow was pretty wasn't it?

Nevertheless, February flew over, which was refreshing after the long ass January we had. So here's what my favourite things were last month.

I know I'm super late to the party but I finally jumped on the Stranger Things bandwagon this month. as I write this I've just finished season 1 and I love it. I found it really interesting to watch and in a world where child actors can be incredibly annoying, the younger cast do a stellar job in their roles. Being set in 1983 there are plenty of references to retro films and the soundtrack is really good (I particularly enjoyed the use of Should I Stay Or Should I Go? by The Clash) The only thing is I'm not a massive fan of horror, so sometimes I get REALLY antsy during the more tense scenes. Still, I really enjoy it and I'm more than willing to watch season 2.

Since about November last year I've really slacked in the eye makeup department. Most days where I'm in work I've not actually worn any at all except for mascara. Well, this month the eyeliner came back with a vengeance and I weirdly somewhat feel like myself again. My go to liquid eyeliner is Soap & Glory's Supercat eyeliner pen. It always goes on super smooth and I find it the easiest to work with.

It might be nearly a year old, but I've been playing Paramore's latest album After Laughter more or less on repeat in the car. Paramore seem to have this uncanny way of releasing albums exactly when I need to hear them, the way that the lyrics parallel the way I'm feeling at that point in my life can be downright creepy sometimes. I think this phase of having Paramore on in the car (even though I don't think the CD has left my car for months) was brought on by them releasing the video for Rose-Colored Boy, which I'll leave below. The song I really enjoy the most though is Tell Me How. The way Hayley conveys the subject matter is outstanding and it still makes me dead emotional when I listen to it even 10 months down the line.

So how was your February?

Stacey Rose xx

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