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Monday, 26 February 2018

Happy Birthday To My Blog

One year ago, on 26th February 2017, I published my first blog post, "Trying something new".

It's very strange looking back on that blog post now, because I'm pretty much in the same place now that I was back then. I'm still in that part time job that I don't particularly enjoy and I'm still trying to figure out what my next step is. 

Blogging is definitely a lot harder than it seems. As I've stated in the past, taking your own photos can be difficult (I wrote a whole post about it here: Stacey vs. Blog Photography) and I wasn't counting on how much I'd struggle with making time for it, what with juggling work and wrestling at the same time.

Sometimes - just sometimes -  I lack inspiration. At the minute I'm mostly putting this down to not having a particular niche. I don't review the latest makeup products and I don't talk about what clothes I bought in a month (although this is partially down to lack of funds). I thought I'd have figured out exactly what I wanted to write about by now but alas, I have not.

I'm very aware that because of this lack of inspiration I'm also not the most consistent blogger, but that's ok. It is just a hobby at the end of the day. If could turn it into a career then that would be cool but it's an incredibly saturated market and to be able to make enough money from it to be able to live seems somewhat unrealistic to me right now. It's been nearly four weeks since my last blog post. It's not that I haven't had anything to write about, it's just that all the ideas I've had have involved me talking about deeply personal things that I struggle to open up about. And with me still looking for a new job, is it a good idea for me to be so open about things on the internet?

This post sounds incredibly negative, and I don't mean it to. I'm just trying to be honest I guess. I think because I really enjoy writing that my blog would take off a lot more than it has in the past year. To put a positive spin on it, at least I can acknowledge what I'm doing wrong and I know where I need to start improving.

This has turned into quite the ramble so I think I'll stop here. Thank you to everyone who has supported my blog since last year, to everyone who has shared my posts and left me comments. Hopefully come next years' birthday post I'll have a lot more to celebrate.

Stacey Rose xx

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