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Monday, 13 November 2017

Who I Watch On YouTube

YouTube has come a long way since it's inception in 2005.  Once know for its short, viral video clips, the site has evolved to the point where it can genuinely compete with actual TV channels and subscription services like Netflix. So much so in fact that watching videos on YouTube has become one of my go-to downtime activities. There is so much content on YouTube that is waiting to be discovered, but there are also channels that I'm subscribed because I enjoy the content that those creators make so much. The list below isn't every channel I'm subscribed to - just a selection of my faves.

Helen Anderson
Helen is probably who I watch most on YouTube, as she also has a second channel (Anderz) where she uploads daily vlogs. I love her sense of style and give-no-fucks attitude, I find her hauls so interesting because she never seems to buy anything dull. As she uploads vlogs almost everyday I feel like I've become very invested in her as a person, and it's nice to see that sometimes those who make their living on YouTube are actually living relatively normal lives and are actually quite grounded, unlike some other YouTubers who will remain unnamed.

Emma Blackery

As I write this, it actually appears that Emma is starting to back off on YouTube in order to concentrate on her growing music career. She initially became well known for her comedic sketch style videos, although she has had other channels for content including gaming, beauty and just general chit chat (I actually discovered her through her now defunct Boxes of Foxes beauty channel). I really hope that Emma's music career takes off as she clearly works so hard on it, but I'll be a little bit sad should she disappear from YouTube for good.

Kiera Rose

Kiera's channel is actually one of the first channels I subscribed to. I stumbled upon it by chance when I first went cruelty free two years ago, I typed something like "cruelty free makeup" into the search bar and she had done a haul around about the same time and I just took to her. She's very lovely and lovable and she's very handy to watch if you're looking for ideas for vegan meals too.


When I grow up, I want to be Sam Chapman. She runs this makeup channel alongside her sister Nic, and they just seem to make every look they do seem easy. And they do all kinds of tutorials, from the most au naturel to funky and fun eye makeup, there's something for every makeup fan on this channel. Oh, and they're also the brains behind Real Techniques makeup brushes, how cool is that?

Safiya Nygaard

Formerly of Buzzfeed, Safiya offers a lot of fun and occasionally experimental videos (they tend to be the best ones). There aren't any straightforward fashion or beauty videos here, there's always a catch. For example, "I Dressed Like It Was 2007" (the video that inspired my blog post How I've Change: 2007 vs. 2017) or "I Bought A Full Face Of Makeup Blindfolded". They're super fun to watch and I have to give her extra house points for being a fellow Ravenclaw.

Grav3yard Girl

Bunny has over 8 million subscribers so she's pretty freakin' popular man. Her sassy personality draws you in straight away, she could talk about the most mundane subject and she'd make it sound exciting. She creates a whole bunch of different types of content, in particular I'm a fan of her series "Does This Thing Really Work?" in which she buys things that are advertised on infomercials (think JML style ads) and tests them out to see how well they perform,  sometimes with hilarious results.

Stacey Rose xx

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