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Wednesday, 25 October 2017

The Mental Health Hangover

Most of us know what a hangover feels like. The exact feeling varies from person to person, some people get headaches, some people don't. Some people throw up, some people don't. My head never really hurts as such, it just tends to go a bit fuzzy. My eyes feel heavy, my body tired and constantly hungry.

This is how I feel the morning after I've had a heavy drinking session, and this is the exact same feeling I get when I've had a few bad days mentally.

And yeah, I've had a bad few days. The enormity of the thoughts floating around in my head has took it's toll on me. I've tried my best to carry on with life as normal - going to work, blogging, general day to day activities - but this all takes an enormous amount of effort and is incredibly exhausting when your brain doesn't want to play. Eventually you run out of energy and all you wanna do is sleep for days.

Thankfully feeling the "mental health hangover" means that the worst of it is over. Once the fuzziness of my head goes away everything will start to seem clearer again. For the rest of today, I will take the time to rest, eat all of the comfort food and drink copious amounts of tea. I just have to remind myself that it's not a waste of a day, it's self care. 

Stacey Rose xx

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