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Monday, 2 October 2017

September Favourites

Autumn is well and truly underway now and I am loving it! Normally in the UK the Summer tends to linger during September and it doesn't really start feeling autumnal until October, but this year the temperature has already dipped and everything has started to feel all cosy and lovely. I suppose we can class that as my first favourite!?

In my September Goals post I mentioned that I had picked up this Noughty shampoo as I continued my search for a cruelty free shampoo that agreed with my hair and I think I might have found the one! This particular shampoo is the "Care Taker" and is for dry/sensitive scalps. It's 97% natural and contains Oatmeal extract and  Bisabolol (which is derived from Chamomile and acts as an anti-inflammatory... so the internet tells me). It says on the bottle: "

"Apply to wet hair for a feather-soft lather. If needed, add more water for extra foam. Repeat if necessary, as you’ll achieve a better lather second time around".

So the first lather I had when I used it was disappointing, which I've found with most CF shampoos that I've used so far, particularly more natural/organic ones, so at first I thought it was going to go the same way as those. But OOH DAT SECOND LATHER THO. If you repeat the process (which you should, lather rinse repeat guys) it lathers up wonderfully. My hair has felt so much better whilst I've been using this and it really has helped soothe my scalp. The Care Taker is also vegan, which is a bonus, I haven't checked the other products Noughty have to offer so I'm not sure whether they're vegan or not. I've yet to try the matching conditioner as it was out of stock when I picked the shampoo up but hopefully it will be just as good as the shampoo. 

Shops have started to stock their Christmas products and I just couldn't resist this cute little mug!

 The Gift Company have 5 different mugs in the range and they all come with cute little knitted hats and a sachet of hot chocolate. I treated myself to this one as a) I am obsessed with penguins and b) the penguin was TECHNICALLY not Christmassy. You can also get an elf, a snowman, a reindeer or a santa mug. Btw, I named my mug Percy. And what.

On Saturday 30th September at training we had former WWE superstar Dave Taylor in for a seminar. Dave is honestly one of the funniest guys you'll ever meet and it is always such a joy to have him at the school.

What were your favourite things about September?

Stacey Rose xx

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