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Monday, 25 September 2017

My Week Off 'To-Do' List

Every year, I book the last possible week off work before we reach the point in the diary that reads "NO MORE HOLIDAYS AFTER THIS DAY". You see, I work in a shop, and for me and my fellow retail workers, taking weeks off in the run up to Christmas is simply a no-no, as foot fall grows and deliveries become increasingly more insane. You'd think I'd use this week to relax but actually, I've managed to find enough jobs to keep my quite busy all week.


Over the past couple of months I've slowly been clearing out everything that I don't need from my room, section by section. I've saved the worst til last - my wardrobe. It is so full of crap it's actually ridiculous. There are boxes in there that have been untouched since I moved into this house three years ago and I think that says a lot about how much I need the stuff that them boxes contain. I want my room to be completely sorted before Christmas and seeing as this is my final week off before then it's probably a good time to tackle such a big job.

The "Situation"


I'm hoping as I tidy my wardrobe I find the adaptor for my Boots No7 vanity mirror because I want to try out the ring light on it for taking make up pictures. I would absolutely love to mix up the content a bit on here and do more beauty posts but I'm never happy with the way my photos turn out when I'm trying to emphasise make up. I need to work on my blog photography more generally anyway - I think I need to plan photos better alongside planning my posts.


I mean I rarely stick to the blog posts that I plan at the beginning of each month because I'm generally always coming up with new ideas, but it's nice to have a plan in place for the weeks I'm feeling out of fresh ideas.


Watching TV shows is something that I am really REALLY bad at. I even struggle at keeping up with wrestling these days, which is bad when it's supposed to be what I do lol. I also started on Rick and Morty about three or four weeks ago, absolutely loved it and yet I haven't watched anymore since. I suppose I get distracted by the internet too easily... that's probably not good.


I finally found a gym buddy! ... who goes to a different gym, which is cheaper than mine. I also have another friend who has just started at Uni near-ish me, and she's going to ask whether I can join her uni gym and how much that would cost. Either way, I need to part ways with the gym I'm currently signed up at.


I have one visit planned so far and I'm hoping I can squeeze a couple more in somewhere. None of my friends live near me at all and it can be quite hard to arrange things between work, especially as I don't have a 9-5 job. 


I changed my title header last week (hopefully you noticed) and I think I need to update the pictures of me that appear in my sidebar and on my 'About Me' page. I'm quite happy with the general layout I think... any feedback is welcome!

And those are pretty much my plans for this week! What are yours?

Stacey Rose
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