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Monday, 28 August 2017

Birthday Thoughts: Turning 28

It was my birthday last week. I turned 28 this year, and as I creep ever closer to the big 3-0, August 25th is becoming more and more of a reflection day for me. These are a few of the thoughts that I had this year.

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I expected to be settled down by now

In high school, I had it in my head that it wouldn't take me long to settle down once I reached my adult years, and I wanted my first baby somewhere between the ages of 22 and 24. And obviously I wanted to be married before having children. Thinking back on this plan now seems utterly ridiculous to me. Sure, some people do get married and have kids that young, and power to them, but most of my twenties have been spent trying to figure out who I am and what I actually want to do with my life. I can imagine that having to bring up my kids on top of that would just add to the stress. I suppose I wouldn't have minded being married by now, but then married couples always say that marriage changes the dynamic of a relationship so who knows whether I'd have been ready for it?

Finding a well paid job is hard

When I say "well paid" I mean a job that pays enough to be able to live. On your own. In your own house or flat. As a teenager, you naively think (or at least I did) that every adult who works earns enough money to at least pay rent and buy food. CLEARLY that is not the case, as I have found out by jumping between retail jobs whilst living in the box bedroom of my parents house. I suppose the difficulty level also depends on your skill set, but I know a lot more people in low paid jobs that I do well paid jobs.

Dating is even harder

This point is very likely to be personal to just myself, but I find dating so difficult. In 28 years I have had two boyfriends. That's including silly little 10 minute childhood relationships too. Outside of my previous relationships, I have been on two dates, and one of them I didn't even realise was supposed to be a date, I thought I was just hanging out with a friend (that was awkward). Maybe I'm too fussy when it comes to guys, maybe I'm inherently undateable, who knows?

I wasn't counting on my metabolism slowing down

I am FAIRLY CERTAIN that NOBODY mentioned to me in my youth that I wouldn't be able to eat crap and stay thin forever. At around about 23, my body started to give in to the copious amounts of pizza I was consuming and I ended up gaining being two dress sizes bigger by the time I was 25. If you're under the age of 21 and reading this, heed this warning - junk food will eventually betray you.

I don't regret anything

Sometimes I look back on decisions that were a bit dubious and cringe or I think about situations that could have had a better outcome if I had responded differently. But I don't regret anything in my life thus far. Everything that has happened up until this point has made me who I am today, and I don't think I'd like to change anything. Well, I would like a better job and stuff but y'know, I wouldn't change any deep things like my beliefs etc.

Stacey Rose xx

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