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Tuesday, 8 August 2017

6 Reasons Why I'm Looking Forward To Autumn

August is finally here, the kids are off school and lots of people are jetting off on their holidays. My birthday falls at the end of this month (the 25th actually for anyone tempted to buy me something nice) and for me, my birthday and the bank holiday that follows immediately after always signals that the Summer is coming to an end, and my favourite season is just around the corner...

Here are 6 reasons that I am looking forward to Autumn. 


Even if September does tend to stay warm here in the UK. I'll be honest, I don't deal with heatwaves and warm temperatures well at all. I hate being sweaty and sticky and warm weather generally gives me a headache (although that's probably my own fault for not drinking enough water). Give me an overcast day in October  over a sunny day in June anytime. 


I do much prefer winter clothes over Summer clothes. I think this is because Summer clothes tend to be more floaty which makes my 5'9, size 14-16 frame look even bigger than it already is. My fave things to shop for in the Autumn are jumpers and boots, which are now starting to trickle into stores a little bit more each week. Exciting!


Ok, yeah, I know golden brown means that the leaf is dead and that grey clouds indicate that it might rain but there is just something about the way outside looks during Autumn that makes me feel all fuzzy inside. I don't know why, but I like it.


OBVIOUSLY this was going to be on my list. I love Halloween, I don't partake in spooky activities quite as much as I used to (these days it's usually subtle Halloween inspired make up and an evening watching Hocus Pocus) but I still love the general feel of the day. I've never carved a pumpkin y'know... so I might give that a go this year.


The worst thing about Summer BY FAR and what totally ruins it for me is wasps. I will never understand the point of wasps. As far as I am aware, they make NO helpful contributions towards anything and attack people for seemingly no reason whatsoever. Wasps do tend to hang around in the Autumn - last year I believe I last saw a wasp at the beginning of November - but they drop considerably in number and the less there are flying around the better.


The thing I am looking forward to most of all is the cosiness of it all. There is no nicer feeling that bundling yourself up in warm clothes or your duvet, drinking a hot drink and listening to the rain tapping on your window whilst you watch your favourite TV programme. I absolutely cannot wait.

Are you looking forward to Autumn? Or are you a Summer lover?

Stacey Rose xx

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