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Sunday, 23 July 2017

The Death Of Chester Bennington & A Mental Health Update

On Thursday night, rock fans were shocked and saddened to learn about the death of Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington.

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The news of his suicide hit a lot of people I know pretty hard. Most of my generation grew up listening to Linkin Park, their songs seemingly encapsulating what it meant being a teenager in the early noughties. The angst, the anger, the self loathing; all of these things were perfectly summed up the lyrics of songs such as Numb and One Step Closer. Chester's voice was instantly recognisable, be it whether he was singing beautifully or screaming his lungs out, and you felt like everything that you felt was coming out in his voice.

And that's because it was. Bennington's battle with depression was well documented over the years, and the music was his way of dealing with it. He opened up in plenty of interviews about his mental health problems, it's not like it was a big secret. Ultimately, his issues still got the better of him and he took his own life at the age of 41. He was way, way too young. Genuine talents like Chester Bennington, who have a massive impact on the world of rock music, do not come along very often and to know he has left us upsets me more than I ever would have imagined.

It also got me thinking about my own mental health. Recently, it's been in decline, and I know it has. I can't escape the feeling that no one wants me around, and that nobody wants to spend time with me unless they have to. As usual, I'm putting on a brave face publicly. Just like Chester.

I was guilty last week of telling a friend that I would make an appointment with the doctor, and then not doing it. I kept making excuses, like I was too busy or if I called when I woke up late I wouldn't get an appointment anyway. I've been guilty this week of telling people that I'm ok when I'm not, because it's harder to say how I'm really feeling out loud than it is to type them into a computer.

But I need to start talking. Anyone who has mental health problems needs to start talking. It's easier said than done, but we all need to try. Because talking about our issues will improve our quality of life, and in some cases, it will even save lives.

To close out this post, I'm gonna leave a live video for my favourite Linkin Park song, Shadow Of The Day, a song of which the lyrics are now more poignant than ever. And please - if you feel depressed or anxious, please reach out for help. There are people out there who care about you and will take you seriously. I promise.

Stacey Rose xx

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