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Wednesday, 19 July 2017

How I Became Cruelty Free

Hey guys! I may or may not have mentioned it before, but I consider myself to be cruelty free. What that means is that I don't wear makeup or use beauty products which are tested on animals. This is something that tends to peak people's interest when it comes up in conversation, so I thought I would write a little bit about how I got to being cruelty free.

As most of you reading this will probably already know, I've been involved in professional wrestling since I was 18, in more recent years as a manager as opposed to a wrestler. As with most forms of entertainment, wrestling is very competitive and a lot of emphasis is placed on looks, particularly where women are concerned. I always wore make up on wrestling shows, but at the same time never paid a huge amount of attention to it. None of the other girls who had come and gone from RWA's roster had been particularly high maintenance, so conversations about make up rarely occurred and most of our focus was on what we were wearing. 

By 2015,  RWA (my home promotion) had an influx of female trainees who, dare I say it, were of a different generation to me. A generation who had access to make up tutorials on YouTube in their teens, and had grown up in the era of the Selfie. They knew how to contour (kinda - they were all aged between 14 and 17 at the time), their eyebrows were "on fleek" and, when it became clear that they were all sticking around and they'd starting appearing in front of audiences with their make up wizardy, I decided it was probably time to up my own make up game. 

So I started looking up make up tutorials on YouTube. Between learning how to blend my eyeshadow (yes, I was 25 by the time I realised that was a thing) and being taught that there is, in fact, a difference between different types of foundations, I stumbled upon a video that stated MAC still tested their products on animals.

But... isn't animal testing illegal?

And thus I began my research into animal testing laws. Yes, animal testing is illegal in the EU, but not worldwide. As a delved deeper down the rabbit hole (no pun intended) I learnt about how certain companies used animals in their labs and how some companies only tested on animals "where required by law". And I was mortified. Call me naive, but up until that point I had genuinely thought that animal testing had been outlawed pretty much everywhere, but that wasn't, and still isn't, the case.

Also if, like me, you thought animal testing was confined to the world of beauty then think again. When I started looking through lists of non-cruelty free brands, I was amazed to see companies that sold household products and even pet food subjected animals to tests. My eyes were well and truly opened.

The logo for Cruelty Free International

I 100% don't believe that animals should be tortured for the sake of human vanity, so since the Summer of 2015, any make up or beauty product that I have purchased has come from a cruelty free brand. I had a massive purge of the non-cruelty free stuff that I owned, it was all either given away or binned. I kinda regret that now in a way, as I had already paid for those items, and so it was just a waste of product. Oh well. 

It's still a struggle two years on sometimes. Trying to find an affordable, everyday foundation that matches my pale skin tone is still a challenge, and I've not quite managed to nail the skincare routine yet as I still get an oily t-zone pretty much everyday. I'm also less sure about where I stand on cruelty free brands who are owned by non cruelty free corporations. On the one hand, I believe in supporting the brands as a loss of profit for them could result in them either entering markets where animal testing deemed necessary or just disappearing altogether. On the other hand, those corporations then get a percentage of my money, allowing them to profit and allowing me to feel a little bit uncomfortable about it all. It's definitely something I need to continue thinking about. 

Are you cruelty free? Do you have any recommendations for cruelty free skin care for combination skin!? Lord knows I would love to hear it if you do!

Stacey Rose xx
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