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Thursday, 8 June 2017

Weight Loss: How I've Done So Far And My Future Goals

Yesterday was a good day. I strolled into my local Peacocks store to buy a new pair of work trousers, as my current two pairs are both starting to look exceptionally scruffy. I picked up my pants of choice in size 16 off the rack, and as I was about to make my way over to the till, I stopped and glanced at the size 14s.

Maybe I should just try them, just in case.

Off I went with both pairs to the fitting room and, low and behold, to my delight, the size 14s fit me just fine.


You see, I've had an issue with my size for quite sometime, although I'll completely hold my hands up and admit for a long while I did nothing about it. I put on most of my weight during the first six months of my last relationship (because we showed Papa Johns WAY too much love) and I just never did anything major to try and shift it. After all, I'm 5'9, so being a size 16 isn't all that bad, I'm probably not that fat as my height balances things out, right?


All of my denial came crashing down around me last year, when I stumbled across this particularly unflattering picture of me following a wrestling show.
I'm really sorry I don't remember who took this!


I decided after seeing this picture that I really wasn't happy with the way that I looked and that something needed to change.

The first thing I needed to tackle was my diet. One of my worst habits is that I eat when I'm bored. If my mind isn't occupied, I end up looking in the kitchen cupboard or the fridge for something to snack on. This is still a big problem of mine, although I'm a lot more mindful of it now than I used to be. I've tried to replace snacks with healthier options where possible, like nuts instead of crisps and fruit instead of sweets. Don't get me wrong, I haven't cut junk food out entirely, but I'm in a much better place than I was this time last year.

I can count on one hand the amount of times I've been to the gym this year. I would love to be a regular gym goer, and I genuinely mean that, but most of the time when I plan on going to the gym I start getting anxious (there is a post about anxiety coming at some point, stay tuned) and I almost always talk myself out of it. What I did manage to talk myself into was going back to wrestling training in January, and I think it's done me the world of good. The first six months of this year is where I've really noticed the weight come off, and I think it's everything to do with being more active, even if it is only one training session a week.

I didn't start feeling good about my body again until I tried on my wrestling gear a couple of months ago for the first time in about three years. Sure, I've still got rolls and yeah, I've still got more pounds to shed, but I feel a lot better about myself... even if I did end up wearing a black gym vest instead of my bralet when it actually came to wrestling.
Still not brave enough to leave my stomach completely uncovered...

Over the next six months or so I want to get my weight down even more. I don't weigh myself very often, as I don't wanna get obsessive over numbers, so I want to be able to see a difference. I want to be able to wear a crop top or something similar and not feel embarrassed because I have unsightly rolls. I want to build some muscle (particularly in my upper body) and I just generally want to feel healthier.

What are your current health and fitness goals? Do you have any tips to share?

Stacey Rose xx

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