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Friday, 19 May 2017

How I've Changed: 2007 vs. 2017

Hello everyone! Apologies for my absence, it's been a manic month so far - I'll tell you all about it in due time.

My post this week is inspired by the brilliant Safiya Nygaard, a YouTube favourite of mine. On Monday she uploaded a video in which she styled three different outfits influenced by the fashions of 2007, one of which (outfit 3, if you watch the video below) smacked me right in the nostalgic feels. I've been feeling nostalgic as of late anyway (I'm blaming all the new music releases by the likes of Paramore, Fall Out Boy and... erm... Kate Nash) and I was originally going to do an "updated" 2007 make up look for Instagram, but after struggling to take a decent "Instagram worthy" photograph and knowing that my make up skills aren't all the great anyway, I figured I'd do what I do better and I'd write a blog post instead.

2007 was a year of change. It was the year that I turned 18, I completed my Performing Arts course at college and I made the gutsy choice to come out of education and step into the world of Professional Wrestling. I contacted Runcorn Wrestling Academy via MySpace, on which my profile picture was likely taken from above my head and my profile song was likely performed by an emo or pop punk band of the time.

Make Up

Anyone who knew me back in the day will be able to tell you that I wasn't high maintenance at all. In fact, I was very, very low maintenance and in 2007 make up was simply not my thing. 99% of the time I'd simply take a kohl pencil and draw a thick black line around my eyes. There'd be the odd occasion where I'd put some eyeshadow on in either green, blue or purple, left unblended and by the end of the day it would be a blurry mess as I hadn't even heard of primer. Did I care? No, After all, it all fit in with my so-called "punk rock" aesthetic. On very, VERY special occasions, I would maybe consider red lipstick.

Yes, I'm aware the time stamp says 2006 but this remained my everyday make up for the next few years.

These days, my make up game is so much stronger. It's still mainly focused around my eyes, but I've learnt how to work with my hooded eyes and tend to go for a smokey eye most days. When I'm feeling lazy I'll use a liquid eyeliner to create a wing, although that's sometimes more trouble than it's worth! I use mascara everyday now, as well as concealer and blush. Most of my lip products are nudes, although I do still enjoy a red lip and I have some purple and blue lipsticks too, I'm a lot more confident in my make up skills and for wrestling shows I'm not afraid to contour and highlight my face (something I would NEVER have attempted even two years ago!)

The pictures that eventually lead to this blog post.


My taste in clothes hasn't changed all that much, I think maybe my style has just matured somewhat. Jeans and a band t-shirt is still my go to everyday outfit and my favourite thing to wear is still a tartan skirt - but gone are the days where I would wear fishnets with that skirt, instead I opt for a thicker pair of tights or even some leggings. I also don't wear nearly as much jewellery as I used to and I think the minimal accessorising makes a huge difference, my wrists are no longer adorned with seventy billion bracelets and/or wristbands and my bags and jacket collars are badge free.
That skirt had no belt loops, studded belt was for decoration only. Devil horns were mandatory, obvs.
This was taken earlier this year.


I can't say my music taste has changed all that much, if anything I'm more open-minded these days. Sure, there are bands that I've gone off in the past ten years, mostly bands who were particularly whiny, but for the most part I get a massive happy nostalgia kick from any 00's pop punk or emo song (I will always dance to Boys Of Summer by the Ataris... after a drink... or five...).
A selection of my fave albums from 2007

This bad boy was for sure the most played.

I still adore the likes of Green Day, Paramore and Funeral For A Friend, but I also listen to the likes of Fleetwood Mac, Lionel Richie and The Beatles. There's not a great deal of music that I actually dislike, I just tend to lean more towards older artists. Maybe that's an age thing?

Of course, these aren't the only things that have changed. Life has changed, I've lost people dear to me, I've gained some amazing friends who I'll hopefully be around for the rest of my life, I' ve learnt how to drive, I've had five different jobs since 2007. I think the only things that haven't changed are my love for music and professional wrestling, and my hair. My hair has never changed too much to be honest.

How much have you changed in the past ten years? Are you anything like the person you were in 2007? Let me know!

Stacey Rose xx

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