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Friday, 3 March 2017

February Favourites 2017

At the beginning of each month I always enjoy watching videos on peoples "monthly favourites" on YouTube. Whether they're showing you something material or sharing an experience they took part in, I think it's nice that they look back over the previous month and remind themselves of things that made them happy. Focusing on the positive is never a bad thing, and that's kinda the idea/inspiration behind this post. 

The first thing I did this month was travel to Birmingham for three days with work. I sadly don't have any pictures as, after all, I was with work. The work was something different to what I normally do and it was nice to be away from everything for those three days. 

The biggest positive that came from this for me was that I managed to actually get there in the first place. For the past couple of years I've suffered with anxiety (something I may go into more at a later date) and something that came with anxiety was an avoidance of big cities, including my beloved Liverpool (maybe that will be a future blog post too...) So the fact that I got on the train, by myself, and travelled to the second largest city in the UK without even a hint of a panic attack feels like a huge accomplishment for me. 

My fashion fave for this month has got to be this denim jacket that I bought from New Look in January. Usually when temperatures plummet I reach for my khaki coloured Parka and live in it until the spring. I wasn't expecting this jacket to be as warm as it actually is, but the lining of the jacket is the same as the borg collar.It's provided a refreshing alternative for the colder weather (except for maybe when it's raining).

I bought this NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in the shade Amethyst and I am obsessed with it. I've always been a classic red lip kinda gal but for some reason just before Christmas I decided a fancied a change, so I picked this up along with the shades Sway (which is a light purple) and Jet Set (a deep blue which I'm yet to try). 

I've not been ballsy enough to rock a deep purple lip in my day to day life yet, but I think I've worn it for all five wrestling shows I've worked this year so far and as it stands I could see it becoming a part of my signature look. 

How was February for you? What are your favourite things from the past month? Don't be afraid to comment and let me know!

Stacey Rose xx
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