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Friday, 31 March 2017

March Favourites 2017

Spring has finally arrived! Despite me having a rough week or so with my mental health, March has had largely positive vibes, so without further ado, her are some of my favourite things of the month.

I'll start off with these boots, as I actually bought them last month. The Dr. Marten-alikes were an absolute steal, I bought them from Primark for £12. Usually I buy shoes or boots that are wide fit so I was a bit unsure when buying these, but they are so comfortable and I've had absolutely no problem with them rubbing my feet at all. They're also very versatile and go with most outfits that I wear, and with them being white they'll transition into Spring and Summer quite nicely. I've had a few compliments on these boots, which is always nice.

I had a hair appointment earlier this month and I had about 4/5 inches off the ends. Even though the styling hasn't changed dramatically, the fact that it's so much shorter than it was makes me feel a bit fresher and my hair looks so much healthier. The experience in itself was also pretty cool, I tried a new salon for the first time and the girl who cut my hair was from Ohio, USA. I've always been utterly fascinated with America and I probably annoyed her with all my questions but it beats sitting in the chair awkwardly talking about the whether and what my plans for the weekend are.

Usually I'm a rainy day, stay cosy indoors type of gal, but this month I've been loving the warm, sunny days the UK has been having lately. The clocks have gone forward here too, which means the days are also lasting longer. The longer days and the nice weather have left me feeling good, and hopefully it's a sign of a decent Summer to come. If only there weren't wasps around to ruin everything...

The last thing I'm gonna mention is a song that I've been obsessing over the past couple of days or so, and that's "Love" by Lana Del Rey. Usually I think she's ok, although she's not an artist who I tend to seek out, but there's something about this song that I adore and I can't put my finger on it. Maybe it's the nostalgic feel, maybe I've played with the Snapchat filter one too many times, who knows?

So that's my favourites for the month of March! What's made you smile this month? Have you tried anything that you'd like to recommend? Let me know!

Stacey Rose xx
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