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Thursday, 9 March 2017

Barry M 'Matte Me Up' Lip Kit Review

When the Kylie Cosmetics lip kit craze took the beauty world by storm last year, I gave the whole thing a miss. Not only did I think it was too expensive for me to purchase the product at $29 (roughly £23 at the current exchange rate) but the amount of mixed reviews I was reading/watching at the time convinced me that the overall experience wouldn't be worth it. Besides, I'm very much of the opinion that a lot of the hype behind the lip kits is down to the Kylie Jenner name, given that we seem to live in a world obsessed with the Kardashians. 
Last month, Barry M released their own limited edition 'Matte Me Up' lip kits that are said to be dupes for the Kylie lip kits. Barry M's are a lot cheaper than Kylie's (they retail at £6.99) so I figured that I would give them a whirl.

These lip kits come in three different shades -
  • Runway - a berry pink shade
  • Go To - a deep nude
  • Pose - a light pink nude, and the shade that I opted to try.
I like the packaging of this product - it's very neat, I like the fonts and the heart shaped lip graphic is very cute.

The lip liner applied quite nicely, it felt a little sharp at first but then as I was drawing my outline it felt softer and creamier.

The lipstick is quite deceptive. In the tube and when freshly applied to the lips, it looks very baby pink and a lot lighter than the liner. However, once it starts to dry it goes a couple of shades darker to more of a pinky nude and it matches the lip liner nicely. It glides on easily and dries fairly quickly.

Here's a picture of the bottom half of my face, Barry M lip kit freshly applied
I think Pose matches my skin tone quite nicely, not too shabby.

On the packaging, it states that "Its non-drying, ultra-long wearing formula is easy to apply and will leave lip for a gorgeously bold finish"

Gorgeously bold finish - yes, it is highly pigmented.

Non-drying - it settles into my lines and is a little bit drying but I expect that of a matte liquid lipstick and I'm not exactly mad at it,

Ultra-long wearing - No. No it's not. 

Once I began eating and drinking, the lipstick began to fade. After one cup of tea the product disappeared from my inner lip (is that the right term??). Saying that, I didn't see any transfer on my mug, so I think that it's fine with dry items, but doesn't cope so well with wet and/or greasy things like food and drink.
I'm going to point out that I chose not to reapply at any point, because I wanted to see how long the lipstick actually lasted. I did another check two hours after the above picture was taken and noticed some more fading, this time around the edges of my lips, presumably because I'd had lunch between the two shots.
What I will say is that the lipstick doesn't flake or go patchy, it does kinda just fade, which I suppose is a less noticeable way of disappearing. Another two hours after this photo was taken, the product was more or less gone, giving me a total wear time of 6 hours. 

Overall, this isn't a terrible product, it just requires reapplication from time to time. The formula is quite nice, as previously mentioned there is a little bit of dryness but after the first ten minutes you stop noticing it. Application is quick as the product goes on smoothly and dries opaque, and it does give a very nice colour payoff. 

For me, the Barry M 'Matte Me Up' lip kits are a solid 8/10. They are available online and in store at Boots and Superdrug BUT they are limited edition so if you want to try these for yourself you may have to act sooner rather than later. It's also worth noting that Barry M are a cruelty free brand and that this product in particular is also vegan :)

Have any of you guys tried the Barry M lip kits yet? What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

Stacey Rose xx

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