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Friday, 17 March 2017

5 Gift Ideas For Mothers Day

All the signs of spring's arrival are in the air - the sun is coming out of hibernation, the flowers are blooming, and everywhere you turn there is a shop window reminding you that Mother's Day is upon us here in the UK.

I've been super busy recently and I haven't had much chance to have a "proper" mothers day shop. This is a list of things that I've seen recently that will hopefully help those who have also had a lot on their plate and not had chance to shop. 

A quick note - as far as I am aware all the beauty products on this list are cruelty free - but please feel free to correct me if I've got it wrong!
If I buy my Mum skincare products for any occasion, Boots No7 is my go to brand as it's her favourite. I found this gift set in my local Boots store for £25, and it contains a body wash, body milk, body polish, hand and nail cream, heel and foot balm and bath milk.
Scented candles are such a popular gift these days - my Nan ALWAYS has at least one lit whenever I visit. I believe the reason they're so popular is because there is literally a fragrance for everyone. So many shops stock all different brands now the only problem can be having too many options and trying to narrow it down. Yankee Candle is the most recognisable brand out there and have a range available in Asda, although there are cheaper options widely available.
If your Mum's not a candle lover (much like mine) reed diffusers are a nice alternative. These are also widely available in plenty of places, but the range I'm highlighting here is by The Gift Company. They have an enormous range of scents, from floral to fruity to musky to cocktail inspired. My Mum's favourite is Black Musk - these last for months at a time, which is impressive for £6.99!

Sticking with the Gift Company, they also sell a large range of boxed necklaces which have short sentimental verses in them. The only annoying thing I find with these necklaces is that they sell "Nana" and "Grandmother" but not "Nan"! Still, they come in lovely looking grey and white boxes, and are £15 each, although they are also on offer at 2 for £20.

Finally, you can't go wrong with a perfume. Most mainstream (is that the right word?) perfumes aren't cruelty free, but there is an easily accessible range by Lush which is priced roughly between £14 and £40, there is a scent for everyone and you can rest assured that no bunnies were harmed during production.

I hope this list has proved helpful to some of you! How will you be treating your Mum this Mothers Day? Let me know!

Stacey Rose xx
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